ACal: Features – 6 Flexible setup

Academic Calendar

Flexible Setup

ACal‘s Setup Data form allows you to set up the details of the academic year in a way that reflects the way your establishment is run.

Set the Academic Year

The academic year does not even have to be a year in length if you prefer to plan in shorter units. You define a start date only.

Set the working week

For each academic year, however long, you can define the working week. You can set both the day of the week on which the working week starts and which days are working days. These options mean that ACal can cope with the different patterns that are found in different countries around the world.

Set the timetable cycle

ACal can cope with two-week timetables. It can also cope with “day count cycles”. For example you might have a six-day cycle running over a five-day week. The first day of the second week is day 6 of the cycle and the second day of the second week is day 1 of the next cycle.

Set terms and semesters

The academic year, however long it is, can be broken down into terms or semesters. You can call them whatever you like and they can be whatever length you like.

Set events

You can enter events and send them to other staff. You can send up updates whenever necessary and even send out deletions.

Set session times

You can define the sessions of the working day. You do not have to have the same pattern of sessions on each day. You can define different patterns of sessions and then assign the appropriate one to each day of the working week.

Set timetable details

You can enter the details of your timetable and the timetables relevant to any other calendars to which you have access.

Make appointments

Finally you can use all this data to create appointments in one or more calendars.

How to set up data