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You can download the software and use it to evaluate whether it meets you needs. In evaluation mode most of the functions of the program work in full but there will be a limit to the number of appointments you can create in Outlook.


The current version of Academic Calendar, or ACal for short, is (8-Dec-2017). It will work on Outlook 2007 and higher. If you need support for Outlook 2003 please contact us.

If you have ACal version 3 or older installed please un-install it from the Windows Control Panel before installing version 4.

If you have not installed ACal 4 before on this computer you will need to install SAP Crystal Reports, a component that ACal uses for printing. See the section below.

Download and install Academic Calendar 4

To see what is new in this version go to Version History

If you have problem go to Troubleshooting

Crystal Reports

If you do not install Crystal Reports ACal will not be loaded into Outlook even though it appeared to install successfully.

The version of Crystal Reports you install must match the flavour of your Windows version – 32-bit or 64-bit.

If you need to find out whether your Windows is 64-bit go to:  Is my windows 64-bit?

Use the relevant link below to download and install the relevant version.

SAP Crystal Reports 32-bit v13.0.15

SAP Crystal Reports 64-bit v13.0.15

If you install the wrong version ACal will load into Outlook but if you try and print anything a message will pop up to tell you that you have the wrong version.

Let us know what you think

All feedback is extremely helpful. Please use the Feedback button on the ACal ribbon to let us know what you think and the Feature request button to log your suggestions.


Network Managers

The Crystal Reports links above are all to individual MSI files.

The main Download button at the top of this page downloads and runs a small pre-installer program (a re-named setup.exe) which sets permissions then downloads and runs the MSI file.

This will not be appropriate in some network situations so a separate version of the pre-installed is provided which expects to find the MSI in the same location as itself rather than at a web URL.

Download and save Pre-installer for local msi and ACal4Setup.msi to the same location then run ACal4SetupPreInstallerForLocalMSI.

NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (This may be needed on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8 but not on Windows 7)