ACal Troubleshooting Installation

Academic Calendar

Troubleshooting Installation Problems

If Academic Calendar, or ACal for short, does not seem to have installed then check the following:

  • Go to Control Panel > Uninstall Program. (If you cannot see Uninstall Program then change the View by changing the setting at the top right of the window to Category).

a) Check to see if Academic Calendar 4 is present. If it is then it has installed correctly though it may not have been loaded correctly by Outlook.

b) Ensure that Academic Calendar (the previous version – it has no number) is not there. If it is then uninstall it. Leaving it there can cause problem

  • From version the Crystal Reports component is no longer required. It had been a possible source of error but is no longer relevant.


  • It is possible that Outlook disabled ACal if it took too long to load. To check this click File on Outlook’s ribbon bar. On the File page that appears select Options that appears on the left. This opens a new window with a menu list on the left. Select Add-ins. There is a list of installed add-ins – you may have to scroll down if it does not all fit in the space. The list has three sections: Active Application Add-inns, Inactive Applications and Disabled Application add-ins. (On older versions of Outlook you will find the Add-ins section on the Trust Center page.)If ACal is on the disabled list then look at the bottom of the window, below the list of add-ins. There is a drop-down labelled Manage COM Add-ins. Using the drop-down you can change this to Manage Disabled Items then click the Go button next to it.If ACal is on the disabled list select it. The Enabled button will then appear and you can enabled ACal.


  • If ACal seems to have installed correctly but is not showing up in Outlook or is not working correctly then check the log files. You will find these in a folder called Add-in Express in your My Documents folder. (Add-in Express is a building block component used as a foundation for many add-ins.)

adxregistrator.log records what happens when ACal is installed
adxloader.log records what happens when Outlook starts and tries to load the addin.
ACalLog.txt records what happens when ACal starts

You can send these log files to us but check the date first. They may have been created when you last successfully opened Outlook with ACal. If the dates reflect the last time you installed and/or ran ACal they may have useful information.