ACal 4.1: MMCSetDateRange

Academic Calendar 4.1

Setting the date range

This page describes the Set date range page that is part of the Managing Many Calendars: Create Appointments wizard.

When making timetable appointments it is not always appropriate to make them for the whole year at once. This is true both when making an initial set of timetable appointments and when updating them to reflect changes in the timetable.

This page allows you to set the start and end dates of the period within which the timetable appointments will be created.

There are separate boxes where the From and To dates can be set. By default you set the date by selecting the relevant term from the drop-down lists. The From date defaults to showing the first term of the year and below the term name the first date is shown. The To box shows the name of the last term and the date of its last working day. These details are drawn from ACal‘s Setup Data form.

If you change either of the terms in the drop-down boxes the date displayed beneath them will be updated accordingly.

If you need to select a date other than the start or end of a term then select the option button to Select a date…. When you do this the drop-down list for the term name will disappear and the date beneath it is replaced by a date-picker box, allowing you to select any relevant date.

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